Are Dental Implants as Effective as Natural Teeth?

Are Dental Implants as Effective as Natural Teeth? When it comes to losing or having missing teeth, no one enjoys the experience, mainly because tooth loss is associated with losing confidence and lower self-esteem. Dental implants are quickly becoming the most popular method of restoring missing teeth in the cosmetic dental industry. The loss of natural teeth can be devastating. It not only alters the appearance of your smile but also causes discomfort and difficulty when eating. You’ve probably heard

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How Dentist Remove Cavity and Stains from Teeth

How Dentist Remove Cavity and Stains from Teeth In the 1930s, a study trusted Source claimed that vitamin D deficiency causes cavities in the diet, which became the basis for many home remedies today. Although it is true that not receiving enough vitamin D may make teeth more vulnerable to cavities, we now realize that this is just one piece of the picture. Other variables that increase the likelihood of developing cavities are as follows:   having a dry mouth

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Integrative Physical Therapy

10 Things You Should Know About Physical Therapy Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a health care profession that deals with human function and movement. Here is a list of 10 things you should know about physical therapy   Keep your body moving In today’s bustling life, we only change few different positions. Sitting in one place and not changing positions throughout the day can often result in joint stiffness and a decline in overall flexibility and mobility. Moreover, bad posture

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